Assisting outcome-based funding with an onboarding and bed-side clinical tool

Optimise resident onboarding and allied therapists clinical decisions and enhance data collection systems to improve outcomes and facilitate result-based funding models – all in one tool.

The Screening Lab in aged-care

TSL is a secure digital platform to digitise the onboarding process and collect data from both residents, families and the allied health team. TSL has sophisticated automations to increase efficiencies while better informing residents including customised rehab protocols and clean data visuals to track progress.

Aged care - Bed-side clinical tool
Digital onboarding

Digital onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process to a digital format with dynamic workflows, automated flagging of high risk cases, longitudinal tracking and individualised education materials.

Care for your team

Care for your team

When used as a pre-employment tool, TSL helps to minimise injury claims for your allied team. Converting paper-based assessments used by external service providers or in-house, TSL consolidates all aspects of your workforce’s health and wellness, and reduces injury and rehabilitation costs

Decrease cost of care

Decrease cost of care

TSL's built in automations dramatically decreases the administrative load on your team allowing for more time to be spent caring for the residents. TSL serves as a central source of truth with real-time access of information, and removes duplications so your residents only have to tell their story once.

Bank level security

Bank level security

TSL data is stored in Australia in compliance to privacy regulation, encrypted with bank level security with hierarchical access and audit trails to ensure maximum security.

All in One

A single tool that can improve outcomes for residents while assisting your organisation with funding.
When used by the allied health team as a bed-side clinical tool, TSL raises the standard of care with systematised and more relevant assessments with age, gender or pathology specific result analysis and supports the therapists with automated drafting of individualised intervention programs. Then with TSL’s business intelligence module, the organisation’s mid and top management can be assisted in objectifying the health status of the residents and supports the request for funding process. Group statistics and longitudinal tracking of risk factors supports the delivery of improved clinical care.

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analysis of preemployment report

Watch how we can help your Company

This short video provides an example of TSL in use as a pre-employment tool to decrease the cost of injury claims for your team. The same tool can be used to digitise resident onboarding and as a bed-side clinical tool to improve outcomes for your residents.

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TSL's analytics will improve the quality of feedback and health status of the CBH's employees and contractors.
Ben Ashford
CBH Group Health & Wellness Manager


Yes you can! We offer a 3 months trial so that you can test TSL without making a financial commitment. If you decide to join, we offer different types of packages that will suit your business needs.
We provide several face to face training sessions, no matter what your technology skills are like. With a heavy focus on support, we have people available to respond to you via email or phone.
If you have an existing screening provider, or an existing system, it is even better as TSL is simple and can easily be integrated with minimal changes.