A data collection & clinical assessment platform

Improve patient outcomes while enhancing data collection systems, and prepare for outcome based funding models – all in one tool.

The Screening Lab

TSL is a secure digital platform to collect data from both patients and clinicians, and has clever automations to increase assessment efficiency while better informing patients including customised rehab protocols.

Functioning as both a data collection and a clinical support tool, TSL benefits as parties. Entered results are analysed against comparative data sets or the contralateral side with automated reporting and clean data visuals to track progress.

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Combine PROMs with Clinical

Increase the value and robustness of your data collection by combining PROMs that are sent via secure email link to your patients with face to face clinical assessment data into a central database. Inbuilt group analysis or bulk export of data to csv for greater statistical analytics.

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Easy Admin of Assessments

In just a few clicks, bulk questionnaires and assessments can be sent to multiple patients and clinicians. Easily track the progress of completion with TSL's optimised dashboard, and view individual and group reports in a centralised portal.

Benefits to Everyone

Benefits to Everyone

Increased quality of data for analysis and publications for the specialist, automated reporting for the clinician, and better information sharing including interventions for the patient.

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Bank level security

TSL data is stored in Australia in compliance to privacy regulation, encrypted with bank level security with hierarchical access and audit trails to ensure maximum security.

All in One

The combination of data collected from patient questionnaires and clinical examination is centralised for easy viewing at both an individual and group level. Facilitate objectivity to compare different procedures and for publication, all in a secure platform with inbuilt data validation, audit trails and conforming to privacy laws.

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TSL is a data collection and clinical assessment tool with dynamic assessment workflows, automated result analysis and reporting including suggested solutions and prepares for future outcome based funding models. Improve efficiencies, patient outcomes, and reduce costs with TSL.

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TSL's analytics will improve the quality of feedback and health status of the CBH's employees and contractors.
Ben Ashford
CBH Group Health & Wellness Manager


Yes you can! We offer a 3 months trial so that you can test TSL without making a financial commitment. If you decide to join, we offer different types of packages that will suit your business needs.
We provide several face to face training sessions, no matter what your technology skills are like. With a heavy focus on support, we have people available to respond to you via email or phone.
If you have an existing screening provider, or an existing system, it is even better as TSL is simple and can easily be integrated with minimal changes.